GSoC – Midterm Evaluations

The Google Summer of Code – 2013 midterm results are out and well, I got through. Thanks to my mentors !
Here’s a quick update of things that have kept me busy the past month.

Posting Application (PA)

Made a few changes to the PAs to tackle the case of failed ajax request / invalid credentials / expired authentication token. This required making changes to the new.js file of each PA and also led to a very high coupling between android and PA. Keeping in mind the rate at which PAs are updated and the fact that the same PAs are being used on every other platform ( Web, Android, iOS) it’d have been impossible to maintain the code. To tackle this problem, I shifted the complete authentication and auth token validation code to android. The PAs on encountering any error give the user an option to login to Privly using web. However, this is futile with reference to the mobile use case as privly – android uses auth token to authenticate a user while privly-web uses cookies. The above mentioned solution of shifting the authentication also partially tackles this problem by authenticating before loading a PA in the WebView.


Changed the color scheme of the application to match that of privly – web. Some minor fixes. Here are the latest screenshots.


Contributing to Privly – Android

In case you’re interested in contributing to the project / testing for bugs, please drop a message below for a developer account.

  • Fork and Clone
  • privly – android uses privly – applications as a submodule. This allows me to directly push updates to privly-applications.
    So, update submodules.

    • $ git submodule init
    • $ git submodule update
  • Contribute 🙂


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