GSoC – Midterm Evaluations

The Google Summer of Code – 2013 midterm results are out and well, I got through. Thanks to my mentors ! Here’s a quick update of things that have kept me busy the past month. Posting Application (PA) Made a few changes to the PAs to tackle the case of failed ajax request / invalid credentials… Continue reading GSoC – Midterm Evaluations

Week 2.5 – androidJsBridge

Its been almost two and a half weeks since the GSoC coding period started and it has been nothing less than interesting. Finally, after quite a few hours of coding I’ve been able to successfully integrate the Posting-Applications, PlainPost and Zerobin, with the Privly Android Application. The Posting applications being in Javascript created a really… Continue reading Week 2.5 – androidJsBridge

Google Summer of Code Begins !

So well, I was lucky enough to make it to the final selections for the Google Summer of Code 2013 with The Privly Foundation. Feels awesome! I’ll be working on the Mobile Version of Privly ( for the Android Platform. “Privly makes it possible for you to control your data after posting it across the internet. You… Continue reading Google Summer of Code Begins !